Strengthen your team

Crafted for families and individuals navigating serious mental illness. Doro Consult augments your existing care team with increased access to specialized expertise for psychosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and related conditions.

A membership that gets you answers.

Membership designed for your needs.

A month-to-month plan that adjusts to your changing needs. Our guides help you utilize all available services to their fullest potential.

We are here.

No more endless waiting for support. Message your Doro Guide anytime, for any reason. We're there to find you the support you need.


When families have support, everyone benefits. Doro Consult is crafted for families to get the guidance they need.

Who is Doro Consult for?

Doro Consult is for anyone who is looking to enhance their current psychosis care with expert support. It is specifically designed with family caregivers of adult loved ones in mind. We’ll help you make sense of what is happening and make progress as a family.

Flexible membership.

Following your free welcome call, each member starts with a one-on-one call with a nurse practitioner to create an individualized plan. The membership includes unlimited messaging with your Doro Guide and can include additional video visits with experts as needed. Doro Consult is $500/mo paid month-to-month. Cancel anytime.

Personalized path.

Discuss and explore care options with our expert care team. From therapy approaches, to new provider types, to new research. We are here to help you navigate your options. We can also help advise your existing providers on state of the art approaches such as Clozapine management.

Collaborative approach.

Doro Consult is a consultation service that is designed to work with you and your existing providers. Your membership will enhance your current care by providing unique expertise, coordination and family support. Membership with Doro Consult does not include prescribing services or direct therapy services. 

Your today with

Traditional care

Long waits between appointments and provider changes.

No go-to person that has the big picture.

Providers who are too pressed for time to talk with family caregivers.

Waiting for the next crisis in order to start a conversation.

Your team strengthened with

Doro Consult

Message us anytime. We’re here for you.

A knowledgeable Doro Guide as your partner.

Designed specifically for family caregivers to get the answers and support they need.

Experts in serious mental illness who are ready to start when you are.

Can Doro Consult work with my existing providers?

Yes. We will work with your existing providers and help you get the right team in place. Doro Consult is your long term partner to see the big picture and help your family walk the path from psychiatric crisis to meaningful recovery.